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A custom home is one you design, not a house someone is trying to fit you into. At The Secret Services, every home we build is one-of-a-kind, unique like you are. We don’t just build luxury homes, but homes that are customized to your taste and specifications. That’s what makes The Secret Services different than any custom home builder. We’re experts at balancing your wishes with your budget.

Bring us your vision or view our selection of custom built homes to get started and we will build on your lot or find your home among our Rockport-Fulton, Texas community. Our approach is simple: We don’t want to simply supply you with a plan, we want to know, “What’s your plan?” We want to be your partners in creating your dream home.

You are only limited by your imagination, and your budget. When we are finished, there won’t be another home like yours!

Bathroom Remodels


Remodeling a bathroom is a very intimate experience. It will be enjoyed every day and must especially impress the guests too. However, the process of remodeling can become burdening very quickly. Don’t waste any more time, hire Secret Services to translate your dream bathroom into a reality.

Custom Home Builds


The Secret Services is a custom home provider. We take pride in providing a comfortable structure to our clients who wish to stand out by appreciating hard work from designing, drafting, and creating their new homes. Our custom house builds range from modest to big, so contact us today.

Home Remodels


Residential contractors at Secret Services will remodel any room in the house as requested. Home remodels with correct cost estimation are our specialty We will construct a solitary space for you to work from home. Contact us today and we’ll get started on recreating that new room or space for your home.



The Secret Service is an expert in completing the house exterior with composite and wood decks. We are skilled in employing long-term material to design, repair, and create the perfect deck addition to the household structure. Now you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise while sipping on your favorite coffee.

Room Additions


We ask you the easiest way to create more space in your house. The answer is room additions. The Secret Services will construct a garage, a house story, or another room for the expected bundle of joy. We ensure the exterior matches the interior, so nothing looks out of place. Give us a ring and be our next project.



There isn’t a security solution related to boundaries we do not offer. The Secret Service provides a well-integrated system for protecting your home. Furthermore, we are professionals in erecting noise-canceling barriers and general fencing. Request us for a quote or contact us for a full assessment.

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